1st Workshop on Education in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (WEBCB)
Questionnaire for Biological Experts and Bioinformatics Experts
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  • Questions #1:
    In your opinion, how has bioinformatics and computational biology impacted the practice of modern biological research?

  • Questions #2:
    Is the impact positive or negative and why?

  • Questions #3:
    What are the Top 10 challenges in biology which are open to positive impact from bioinformatics and computational biology?

  • Questions #4:
    How do you foresee bioinformatics and computational biology being used to tackle these challenges?

  • Questions #5:
    What do you think are the minimal skill sets required for the new biologist to be proficient in the use of bioinformatics and computational biology techniques ?
    • knowledge of available bioinformatics data resources
    • proficiency in database tools
    • knowledge of available bioinformatics tools
    • proficiency in bioinformatics software and tools
    • programming skills for bioinformatics software and tool development
    • knowledge in providing online accessible resources
    • mathematical, statistical, structural or quantitative modelling techniques

  • Questions #6:
    Do you think the current undergraduate biology curriculum in your institution or your country or elsewhere from whence you get your graduates students are adequate in equipping them with core bioinformatics and computational biology skills and the skills to solve biological problems informatically and computationally? Why and how so?

  • Questions #7:
    Can you suggest bioinformatics and computational topics that should be included into the curriculum and to what level should they be taught?
      Please cover at least the following aspects:
    • algorithms and programming
    • database tools
    • bioinformatics software
    • mathematics
    • statistics
    • machine learning
    • structural biology and molecular modelling

  • Questions #8:
    Can you propose some pedagogical tools and techniques that can be used for improving the teaching Bioinformatics and Computational Biology to Biologists?
      Please comment on some of the following:
    • chalk and talk lectures
    • demonstrations
    • small group tutorials
    • problem based learning
    • LAMS sequences
    • case studies
    • practical hands-on projects
    • tutorial questions
    • small group discussion
    • paired programming
    • case studies
    • mini-project for integrative learning
    • essay writing for synthesis

  • Questions #9:
    Would you be interested in sitting in a Blue Ribbon Committee to follow up on this workshop to write a draft of a bioinformatics curriculum, or a white paper on bioinformatics education etc.?

    Yes No
  • Questions #10:
    Any other questions we ought to be posing, and what is your answer to them?

  • Based on the above feedback we will draft a summary of our findings to be put online for participants to raise questions and discuss. We will mail you once that is ready.
    Thank you for your time.